108 Mandalas of Love

(A Twin Flame’s Journey)

“May all beings discover peace, love, and true happiness”

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The following mandalas are an expression of the vast love that I’ve been blessed to experience and the journey of love I’ve been on as a result of meeting my “twin flame.”  It has brought on a new experience of love, deepened my commitment to serve the heart, satisfied a hunger that my soul has had for eons, many, many new realizations, and so much more.  And, it has inspired me to draw 108 mandalas, which I’ve only just begun and have no idea when I will finish, but I’ve been guided to share them here.  I’ll be posting at least one new mandala each month on the same number day of that month.  (i.e: Nov. 11th, Dec. 12th, Jan. 1st, Feb. 2nd, etc...)

These mandalas, which all have “Love” in the title, are energetic and visual expressions of the love that I am discovering and experiencing for, through, and because of my Divine counterpart.  It’s a love that can’t be defined, but can and needs to be expressed.  It’s an energy so strong, so intense, and so powerful that it would burn my entire physical being starting from the heart, if it’s not allowed to flow through and express itself.  It’s also so immense that it’s infinitely larger than one person loving another person.  One soul loving another is just the portal to a Divine Love that includes the love of God and all of existence.  Although it may take years to finish all 108 mandalas and knowing that even after they are completed I still won’t have expressed even 0.1% of this infinite love, I’m committed to this task.

May each and every being experience the unconditional, eternal, Divine Love that is the source and inspiration of these mandalas…

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~ The Inspiration ~

“Love” is a word we hear often.  We may even say it often.  “I love you.”  Or speak of it often.  Or long for the feeling of loving or being loved.  Yet, it seems to hold a lot of mystery.  It has a personal distinct meaning and experience for each of us.  For me it’s mysterious and awe-inspiring.  It’s indefinable, vast, limitless, huge, precious, life-giving, humbling, and so much more…  I could go on and on and it still wouldn’t come close to what “Love” truly is for me.  Read more...

~ The Music ~

The following piano pieces are another way that this love has begun to express itself since mid June of this year, 2016.  They are listed in the order they were created.  If you listen to them in that order, you will follow my journey on this path of Divine Love.  I hope you enjoy.  (Please keep in mind that I am not a professional musician.  These are simple, very low-tech recordings I’ve done on a digital piano.)  *Quicktime required for playback.  **All songs are inspired by and dedicated to Claudia in deepest gratitude.   

So… Love seems to be an energy that overflows.  It just streams out from source and pours into everything in creation.  What’s interesting is that somehow in allowing these piano pieces to flow through, I’ve been blessed with experiencing the source behind all creation.  Read more…

  1. 1) Love Eternal                                                               5)  Time Stands Still

  2. 2) Majestic Love                                                             6)  Amor Incondicional

  3. 3) Radiant Beauty                                                          7)  Ocean of Freedom

  4. 4) Gentle Love