A Prayer for World Peace

“May all beings discover peace, love, and true happiness”

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During my visit to Vancouver, BC last summer, I was struck at its cultural diversity. The city was full of people of all races, nationalities, religions, sexual orientation, classes, and beliefs. Yet, they seemed to live in peace and harmony.

The residents of Vancouver seemed to share a love. Almost every person I met expressed a love for the beautiful city that is surrounded by the vast ocean and magnificent mountains. And out of this love, a harmonious energy of happiness was tangible throughout the city.

In fully receiving this energy into my heart and from a conversation I had with a couple of Japanese friends, a large mandala (24" in diameter) began to make its appearance.

While my friends and I enjoyed a delicious meal, we discussed what a blessing it was to be in Vancouver, and how there was an air of happiness and contentment seldom experienced anywhere else. They spoke of Japan and how difficult it was for them to be "happy" there. Most of the Japanese are so busy working and trying to survive that it left very little time to enjoy "living."

This conversation spoke to my heart. I recognized this to be true not only in Japan, but in many cultures in the world. As it is my heart's deepest desire for all beings everywhere to experience peace, love and true happiness, I went home that evening and immediately began drawing the "A Prayer for World Peace" mandala.

What first appeared was a series of circles, layers of the flower of life. Without calculating anything, the patterns naturally and effortlessly took shape. Then, 12 beings appeared in a circle. As each one was drawn in, I noticed that they were holding hands, each taking on a color of the rainbow. Then, 12 more beings of no color, yet, holding every other one's hands.

This mandala is a visual expression of the possibility for us to live in peace and harmony with all beings. It is a vision of uniting in celebration of our similarities, as well as our differences and living as One being.


The Story Behind the Mandala and Prayer...