Mandala artist Kaho Koinuma draws directly from the heart. Her sacred mandalas are expressions of love filled with prayers for each and every being to awaken to the essence of Love and for all experiences to be pathways home to the Heart. Many have found inner guidance and healing through meditating and contemplating her mandalas.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1972, Kaho moved to Westchester County, New York, when she was 13 months old. Returning to Japan at age 8, she discovered a new culture and new way of life, invoking a sense of uncertainty and fear, which initiated the search for her true identity and purpose for being.

Kaho moved back to the United States when she was 12 years old, where she currently resides.  In 1984 she met Dolores Hand, a great teacher and saint, who lived in the San Francisco Bay area.  In the 11 years she was with Dolores, until her passing in 1995, Kaho learned how to meditate in the heart, to live from the Heart, and experienced unconditional love from and for her teacher. 

In 2006, grace shattered Kaho’s heart, when every aspect of her life seemed to come to an end.  Along with the shattering of the heart, all beliefs and perceptions were stripped, leaving only love and a deeper desire and commitment to serve love. 

During this time when “everything” was seemingly ending, the mandalas began to appear as answers to her heart’s deepest calling.  They have supported a discovery of Self and unconditional, universal love that is not subject to external circumstances or appearances.

Prior to 2006, Kaho had no experience in fine art.  She had been a competitive figure skater and coach. This experience trained her to draw circles with precision and prepared her for the discipline, focus and attention it takes to create the sacred shapes that appear in each mandala.

In addition to her 30-year career in figure skating, she has a deep appreciation and affinity for music.  When offering events, Kaho almost always collaborates with musicians since mandalas and music are powerful compliments of each other and offer a possibility for a deeply moving experience.

One of Kaho’s visions is to build a mandala healing center, which provides alternative healing in several modalities; a sacred geometry school; and a creative expression center, where children are free to express their natural creative talents.

Kaho’s work has been the subject of several articles, including a feature article in Hado magazine in which Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the best-selling books “The Hidden Messages in Water “and” The True Power of Water, interviewed Kaho.

Since early 2007, Kaho has been exhibiting her mandalas and offering meditations, workshops and retreats in support of all beings to discover peace, love and true happiness, within the core of his/her own heart.

Kaho is currently enrolled in the Mandala Facilitation Training Program is interning with Judith Cornell, Ph.D. [Rajita Sivananda], award-winning author of MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing and The Mandala Healing Kit.

To contact Kaho, please visit her website at or email her by clicking here.