108 Mandalas of Love

(A Twin Flame’s Journey)


~ Love Eternal - A Song for Claudia ~

This is the first piano piece that came through.  It’s sort of difficult to explain, but in June of 2016, after I had returned from a trip to Spain, I began to feel like there was a piano piece wanting to come through.  This almost unbearable, intense love that was coming through as mandalas was also wanting to express itself through music.  But, I didn’t have a piano and I hadn’t even played consistently for almost 10 years.  Not that I was ever really good at it to begin with.  (For more on this story, please click “read more…” of “The Music” section) 

Anyway, it so happened that I was blessed with the opportunity to house sit for a friend for about a week, maybe less…  Would you believe there was a piano in the house?  So, I began to play around.  I started playing some notes and improvising.  Pretty soon I began hearing a melody developing.  Before I left my friend’s house, I recorded the improvisation on my iPhone.

A few weeks after returning home, I remembered the recording and listened to it.  It reached into my heart and grabbed it.  I suddenly welled up with the desire to finish the piece.  I happened to casually mention this to my sister.  My sister’s so awesome and so sweet.  She had a full sized digital piano and said that I could borrow it.  As soon I had the piano in my apartment, this composition started pouring through. 

It’s inspired by the experience of a love between two souls that came from one light; a love that has been here since before creation and will continue to exist for all of eternity even after they merge back into one light.

The full title of this piece is Love Eternal - A Song for Claudia.